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【DDR A(2018)】 MAX 360 [SINGLE CHALLENGE] 譜面確認+クラップ

Lv : 19 | BPM : 180-720 | Notes : 1000/10
[Option] 1P : x1.25, NOTE | 2P : x1.5, NOTE, Clap

◆20th Anniversary Grand Finale による解禁楽曲(19/09/05~)。

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Vanessa Farias : :O
Lenoh : Dear ITG players: Stop getting your impossible charts accepted by Konami
Sean Luo : How straightforward are the patterns
Sean Luo : Is this available by default in plus (I'm asking this because Kaiden was released)?
Wannabe Slot Channel Steve : HIBIKI!!!

MAX 360 / BEMANI Sound Team "[]" (CLEAR AUDIO)

No, I didn't use FL studio to splice this. Apparently, someone uploaded a KShoot chart of MAX 360 with clean audio, so I had to obtain and upload it right away. Credit to whoever obtain the clear audio.

I do NOT own MAX 360, DanceDanceRevolution, or Konami in anyway. MAX 360 is the property of Konami. I uploaded this for entertainment purposes only.
pengeyboss : Sounds even better on 2x
Cardmaster12 : If you listen closely enough you can almost hear what the challenge chart is charted to!
Mr. VOID-OUT : MAX150 will always be the greatest MAX.
Jordan Orvik : challenge looks like it was lifted straight from itg
霧雨ふらん : [χ]→dj TAKA

MAX 360 CHALLENGE(19) / o4ma. VS CHRS4LFE 995,800(2,900) - 994,460(2,901)

HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Twitter:@BROSONI @sia_pi

UglyStru : Oh, the wonderful days before COVID-19 :(
パン粉。 : 何すか!?この戦いは!!!!!美しすぎるっす…。
Melody Wawichi : one EX point lol
鬼城七夜 : DDR公式大会から来ました。
Xaiano : i can't believe it was that close...




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